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 Our Mission is to help displaced children of all ethnicities between the ages of 7-18 years old. The ActNUALEJ inc. organization can assist in providing hair care services and give free hair maintenance products to children currently residing in a shelter,  group home or the foster care system. We do this to help relieve the financial burden to their caregiver and to help boost confidence and acceptance of children in care.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, "Treating the hair and keeping it healthy is an important part of the prevention process from scalp disorders. Having clean and regularly maintained hair can help prevent the cause of hair shaft disorders and inflammation of the scalp."


ActNUALEJ inc. is a community supported organization. We are pleased to provide the services we have available by way of generous contributions from people just like you. Please consider making a donation to assist us in our efforts to maintain and promote proper hair care for foster and displaced children in our community. We need you to help us raise our children's self-esteem by giving them free products and hair services in the state of Florida and surrounding areas.


ACTNUALEJ inc. is a Non-profit organization geared toward helping children and teens with their hair care needs. We want to provide a safe place for our caregivers to ask specific questions on how to maintain their child's hair. One of our goals is to provide information on beauty and barber schools regarding their free or reduced hair clinics. We also provide teenagers with the opportunity to apply for a free service for their senior prom. Additionally, we offer free hair maintenance products to keep them properly groomed so that they can look and feel better about themselves during their transitioning process.

When an organiztion or caregiver recieves a foster or displaced child from the state of Florida, the child has already experienced some form of neglect. Many of these kids come to us with severely matted hair or hair that will require treatment involving cutting or deep conditioning. Some of the children experience permanent hair loss and lasting scars from having scalp conditions such as hair lice, ringworm and hair fungus.

Children want their hair to look nice by going to beauty salons/barber shops, but the added cost to do that can put a financial burden on the caregiver. Some caregivers attempt to do their hair themselves, however doing so can lead to a bigger problem if they are not accustomed to caring for different types of hair textures or scalp conditions. This in turn causes the child added stress, leaving them feeling unattractive and ashamed. 

We can help build their self-esteem and self-confidence by giving foster and displaced children these products and services. Our organiztion will need donations of hair products and financial support from individuals, businesses, and sponsors to provide for each child in need. Providing these services will help the caregiver financially and bring much needed self-worth to the child. It also removes anxiety from the caregiver that may be worried about having to style their kids' hair or disrupt their current placement. 

Please help support ActNUALEJ inc. (pronounced-Acknowledge) as we help our foster and displaced children look and feel better about themselves. Together,  we can make a difference.

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A Copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from  the Division of Consumers Services by calling Toll Free within the state.

Registration does not imply  endorsement, approval,  or recommendation  by the state

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