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We have prepared Hair care kits for your donation.The Kits are prepared to assist with treatment for certain scalp conditions or can be customized from hair maintenance tools to hair care products to fit specific needs. We are seeking donations in the amounts of 

$25.00, $45.00, or $65.00

A Copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from  the Division of Consumers

Services by calling Toll Free within the state. Registration does not imply  endorsement, approval,  or

recommendation  by the state


10% of all donations received will be used for programs and marketing

If you are a care giver and are interested, we would like to provide an opportunity to apply for vouchers of up to $100 annually (available to kids ages 13-18) for select events or special occasions.



In order to qualify for the Voucher kids must attend school regularly and have no school suspensions. Click the button below to complete the Voucher/Haircare kit request form


We greatly appreciate anything you are able to do. Contributions of your Time, money, and/or resources WILL go a long way in helping foster and displace kids get the care they need and deserve. 

Products & Resources

Take A Look at Our Suggested Hair Care Products Wish List 

Cosmetology Schools In Florida

Haircare & Hair Styling Demo Videos coming soon!








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Please consult a doctor for treatment of all contagious infections of the scalp before going to any beauty schools, barber shops or hair salons. Our tutorial videos, hair care kits, and products are only meant to help with the spread of  minor scalp conditions and should not be considered as a replacement of medical treatment. The ActNUALEJ inc. Organization assumes no responsibility for pre-exexisting or worsening hair or scalp conditions.

Professional Hairstylist, Barbers, students of Beauty schools and Haircare products are only suggested on this website.  They are independent and not employed by this organization.  ActNUALEJ will not be held liable for any of their services or products given to children

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